About the Work

My figurative images can be categorized into two streams:


Human brains are amazing at recognizing patterns. I am drawn to art that pushes our limits of pattern recognition, or that finds a way to transpose and interweave multiple patterns together into a balanced state. Above all other patterns, we are masters at recognizing faces. This richness of human ability allows me to dramatically distort a facial pattern almost to the point of destruction using competing patterns and chaos, all while still conveying the essence of the original subject.

Decorative Figuration

We recognize the patterns of familiar objects all around us, whether they are a function of natural physical processes, or man-made artifacts. I enjoy creating generative algorithms that are inspired by and reference the figurative patterns around us while still maintaining their own distinct aesthetic pattern. It’s the same thing any figurative artist does with their head and hands. Just as a painter may seek out an economy of brush strokes, so too a generative artist may seek out an economy of code to represent the world.